Instagram testing a new method allowing you to comment directly from the main photo feed

Instagram testing a new method allowing you to comment directly from the main photo feed
Right on the heels of Instagram seeking alpha testers for its Android version, the popular photo/video sharing app is testing a new feature that will allow you to comment on a particular photo directly from your main photo feed. The directions are pretty straightforward. Look at a photo for a few seconds (just pretend that you are a pretentious art critic for the local newspaper). If your Instagram app has the new feature, you will soon see a thin box that says "Add a comment" that you can type your thoughts in to.

It appears as though Instagram is pushing this new feature out to Android users this week via a server-side update. Those rockin' iOS have already received this new capability starting last month. It is a good idea because if you are so taken by an image in your feed that you can't keep your eyes off of it, odds are that you have something to say about it.

If you stare at a photo that is posted in your main feed and nothing happens, you can safely come to the conclusion that the update has not yet come your way. You can keep staring every now and then, or you can wait to see if Instagram makes an announcement when it has completed rolling out the new feature to all iOS and Android users. And if you use this new feature often enough, you too can become a "stare master."

source: Engadget



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