Don't hold your breath for an Instagram app for iPad

Don't hold your breath for an Instagram app for iPad
It's hard to understand that a company like Instagram can't afford to launch a dedicated iPad app. As a matter of fact, it's almost unbelievable that Instagram for iPad doesn't exist and that there are no plans for such an app.

The confirmation comes via Instagram's CEO Adam Mosseri, who explained to The Verge editor Chris Welch that his company doesn't plan to launch an iPad app anytime soon because they have other, more important things to work on.

We're sure that Instagram has the tools necessary to asses the number of potential iPad owners that would like to use the app on this specific device. Perhaps there are not enough of them to justify the time and resources needed to create an iPad app, but it's still baffling that almost 10 years after Apple launched its tablet, Instagram didn't find the time to create an app specifically for this platform.

According to Mosseri, Instagram does want to build an iPad app, but they don't have enough manpower and it's not among their priorities at the moment: “But we only have so many people, and lots to do, and it hasn’t bubbled up as the next best thing to do yet.”

Well, perhaps in the next couple of years when the iPad will become more relevant for Instagram, they'll eventually hire more people to do what should have been done many years ago.


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