“In stock” marker added to Google's Product Search for mobile

“In stock” marker added to Google's Product Search for mobile
Online shopping has truly innovated the experience shoppers go through which now results in the minimal effort required in finding your favorite products online. Sometimes when you're searching the web site of one of the big name retailers out there, you sometimes prefer just perusing the site for the best prices and head down to the actual store to purchase it – saving you on costly shipping charges at the same time. Well Google Product Search mobile is making things just a tad bit easier for anyone looking to see if a specific product is in stock at a store – as opposed to rushing there to find that it's not available. When using Google Product Search, it will now display if particular retail stores around your area has the product in stock – there's actually a blue dot next to the item indicating that it's available in a nearby store. So far the selection of partners are still limited, but there's no doubt that it will eventually grow as it becomes widely used – these stores include Best Buy, Sears, Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, and West Elm. Not only will it benefit the big retail chains out there, but small businesses can also get into the mix simply by just updating their Local Business Center, Product Search data, and filling out a form to see if they qualify. So instead of having to be disappointed when learning that you drove all the way to a store for nothing, you can check out Google's Product Search first to make sure you're not wasting your time.

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