In 2016, can you imagine living without a smartphone?


First came the invention of fire, then the wheel, and thirdly, the smartphone.

Well, there might have been a few inventions along the way: you know, like electricity, the transistor, the Internet and a few others, but from today's perspective it certainly feels that the smartphone was a hugely important milestone.

You know something has become so indispensable to you that you look at it hundreds of times a day and can't leave home without it. But are we really that addicted to our smartphones?

We thought we'd ask for a quick reality check: in 2016, can you even imagine living without a smartphone? 

We're not even asking if you can live without a phone, the question we're wondering about is whether you can't live without a modern smartphone with all its perks: large display with the world's knowledge (and cats) at your fingertips, camera, games, apps, payments and all other small conveniences? So can you? And how would your life change? Let us know your thoughts in the comments right below.

Can you imagine living without a smartphone?

No way, impossible
Yes, I could

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