Images found in Tab S3 system dump reveal some Samsung Galaxy S8 features

Images found in Tab S3 system dump reveal some Samsung Galaxy S8 features
According to an anonymous source, a system dump of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 tablet contained some images that show the Samsung Galaxy S8 running some features. We should point out that if the images are legit, there should be no more questions about the placement of the fingerprint scanner on the phone. Speaking of the openings on the back of the handset, one of the diagrams shows how to use the heart rate monitor which is located to the left of the rear-facing camera.

The phone's on-screen navigation keys are also the subject of attention as one image highlights the multitasking key on the bottom left of the handset. In the middle is the square home key, with the back key on the right. If you don't own a Samsung handset, you might be used to a different order.

Another image that was part of the system dump shows the Samsung Galaxy S8 being used in the DeX dock. This is the dock that connects to a monitor using an HDMI cable. Flip open the dock and insert your Galaxy S8 to reveal a desktop-like operating interface on the screen. DeX, which might stand for Desktop Experience, could be similar in some ways to the Continuum system that allows certain Windows 10 Mobile devices to "power" a desktop computer.

While the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 should be introduced on February 26th at MWC, the Samsung Galaxy S8 won't see the light of day until March 29th. Meanwhile, feel free to check out the images that appeared with the Galaxy Tab S3 system dump by clicking on the slideshow below.

source: AndroidPolice

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