Image of Vivo X5Pro reveals glowing logo

Image of Vivo X5Pro reveals glowing logo
Just yesterday, we showed you a teaser for the Vivo X5Pro that promoted the retina scanner that apparently will be on the phone. The teaser showed a security shield to convey the idea that a retina scanner offers more protection than a fingerprint scanner. A second teaser confirmed that the front-facing camera on the phone will produce 32MP images by stitching together a number of images taken within a fraction of a second after the camera's shutter is deployed.

This morning, we have new images of the phone to show you, both revealing a glowing logo under the screen. This could be related to the fingerprint scanner rumored to be included with the phone. But that does beg the question, why have both a retina scanner and a fingerprint scanner on the same device? And since Vivo has already posted a teaser for the retina scanner, that would seem to tell us that the manufacturer has already decided which feature will be sticking around. So then, what is the glowing logo for? For the definitive answer to that question, we might have to wait for the phone to be officially unveiled. That will happen on May 7th.

Vivo has teased other features of the phone including a Type-C USB port that allows users to connect the cable to the port with either end up. And the rear camera will offer a Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF). The phone will be unveiled the day after the ZTE Nubia Z9 sees the light of day in China. Ah, to be a young flagship phone buyer in China.

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source: GizmoChina

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