Identiconizer for Android adds randomized graphics to empty contact photos

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Chances are that you use your phone's contacts list on a daily basis. Also, we're willing to bet that a fraction of the people listed there don't have a photo assigned to their profile yet, either because you never bothered to take one, or because you don't find that particular person worthy of having an image of their face stored on your handset. A list of contacts filled with a bunch of stock image placeholders, however, is not a pretty sight. The lazy man's solution? Try Identiconizer!

This is a rather simple and totally free app that generates a unique random pattern, up to 720 by 720 pixels in size, for each of your image-less contacts. Graphic types include retro ones made of huge pixels, random geometric shapes, as well as spirograph and dot matrix creations. And if you're not happy with the results, you can always remove the graphics assigned by the app with the touch of a button. 

Now, don't go launching the Google Play store yet as you won't find Identiconizer there. At this time, the software can be used either as part of Chameleon OS – a custom ROM for Android – or as an APK that can be downloaded from the app's thread on XDA Developers. It goes without saying that if you choose the latter option, you'll have to know how to sideload an Android app manually. If you don't, our how-to guide on sideloading Android apps can help you out.

Developer: GermainZDownload: Android (XDA Developers thread)
Category: customizationPrice: Free

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