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Ice Cream Sandwich to bring photo editing to the Android Photo Gallery?

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Ice Cream Sandwich to bring photo editing to the Android Photo Gallery?
Images of icons obtained by Android Police suggest that the Android Gallery will offer built-in editing for photographs with the new Ice Cream Sandwich build of the operating system. The icons, which were originally white on a transparent background (Android Police changed the background to make them easier to view on a computer screen), show a number of basic editing functions such as crop, rotate, flip and one to clean-up redeye.

Ice Cream Sandwich will apparently offer built-in photo editing for Android users
While not offering a total editing package like, say, Photoshop, the icons also include a box under the heading of Artistic with the initials "FX" inside, indicating that some special effects are going to be available for Android users. The button marked colors had a sliding bar underneath it and there is another slider titled Generic, which doesn't really explain its use. The icons were spotted in the Gallery APK, which doesn't run on older versions of Android.

There is no confirmation that these icons will be used in Ice Cream Sandwich and if they are, they could be a different color or size. We won't have long to find out as the new build of Google's open source OS is expected to be introduced on Tuesday night at 10pm eastern time in the U.S. We will have a live blog, so you can find out all of the information you are waiting to hear about right here!

source: AndroidPolice

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