IDC releases mobile phone manufacturer numbers for Q3 2008

IDC releases mobile phone manufacturer numbers for Q3 2008
IDC has announced the mobile phone manufacturer market share numbersfor Q3 2008. While Nokia continues to lead with a global market share of 39.4%, Samsung, in second place with 17.3%, shows the most remarkable gain: 21.6% over Q2 2008. This gain came largely at the expense of third and fourth placed Sony Ericsson and Motorola, who lost 0.8% and 31.7% respectively as compared to Q2 2008. LG is in fifth place.

A detailed chart of the market share of the top 5 manufacturers is set out on the right.

The IDC report also confirms that Apple is now the sixth-largest global vendor by volume and third by revenue.

source: RCR Wireless via Engadget Mobile



1. unregistered

zzzzzzz. who cares.... when they make a phone that can cook my breakfast, let me know...

2. unregistered

Motorola is falling slowly...

3. unregistered

Yeah by this time nest year I doubt we see them in the top 5 and HTC will move in at 4 or 5

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