Apple is #3 manufacturer by revenue according to Steve Jobs

Apple is #3 manufacturer by revenue according to Steve Jobs
Apple announced during its quarterly conference call that it hasalready surpassed its goal of 10 million iPhone sales in the calendaryear of 2008, with sales in the last quarter of more than 6.8 million iPhone 3Gs. Apple's CEO Steve Jobs said: "Apple beat RIM! RIM isa good company that sells good products, but measured byrevenues (not units), Apple has become the world's third-largest mobilephone supplier."

The iPhone 3G together with the Apple TV accounted for $11.7 billion in income and $2.4 billion in profit, although these figures will not be booked immediately but only on a subscription basis. Given the Apple TVs niche status, it is safe to assume that most of the income and profit is attributable to the iPhone.

Nokia and Samsung are the first and second placed mobile phone manufacturers by revenue. RIM sold 6.1 million BlackBerries in the quarter ending on 30th August 2008.

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