Humor: the real reason iOS Maps are bad

Humor: the real reason iOS Maps are bad
We knew it wouldn't take long before the razzing started, and it really hasn't. We've already seen Apple taking shots about its new Maps app in iOS 6 from a couple fronts. First, there was a new Tumblr blogApple's new Maps app is bad that catalogues the failures of the app, and now the good duo from The Joy of Tech has given its take on why Apple's new Maps are bad.

The answer seems to be pretty simple, according to Nitrozac and Snaggy, it's not so much that Apple's Maps are bad, it's that the maps are very accurate and the team simply ran into trouble while testing out the new software. All in all, a good absurdist joke if we've ever seen one. 

In some ways, it seems like it would have been kind of fun to travel through a world as bizarre as the one you'll see in the iOS Maps app. 



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