How to save snapchats the easy and proper way

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How to save snapchats the easy and proper way
Are you hooked up on Snapchat? You're not alone, as its user base spans into the tens of millions. Snapchat is so hot and trendy right now, that its founders rejected some mind-numbing piles of cash for reasons that are better left for the ages to unravel. 

So what's so very special about Snapchat? At its core, it simply allows you to send images and videos to other Snapchatters out there, but there's a catch. Namely, each of those can only be viewed once, and for no longer than 10 seconds only. The 'chat' part in the name of the app, then, is a bit of a misnomer, as there's no actual typing going on, unless you count snap captions. As you can probably guess, this got a whole bunch of people really addicted, as, at least in the beginning, it allowed people to share what was sometimes awfully personal stuff. It wasn't long until people started looking out for ways to save these ephemeral bits of information, and there are indeed some ways to do it fairly easily. Apps, like SnapCapture, offer just that, yet they all suffer a major drawback, as they require access to your SnapChat account, and you need to always resist the urge of checking out your latest snap, as the third-party app would have to be loaded first. Moreover, all third-party apps like SnapCapture will automatically log you out from the actual Snapchat app, which is quite annoying. Alternatively, you could try to take a screenshot whilst you're looking at the snapchat, but that's both clunky as hell, and also notifies the sender of what you just did.

Well, luckily for all of you (whatever your motivations are), there is a better, less-clunky way, that will also work for video snaps. Unlike SnapCapture or SnapHack, it won't log you out of your account every time you save something, and it works seamlessly with no need to do anything whatsoever. All you need is a rooted device. Interested? Then step into the gallery, and lets do some work.


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