How to change the Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8 ringtone and set a custom one

How to change the Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8 ringtone and set a custom one
Okay, we already explored 5 different ways to change the ringtone on your iPhone 8, 8 Plus, or pretty much any iOS 11-running device, and boy, that was a somewhat-challenging ordeal.

 During the creation of that guide, a sneaky thought emerged - how much easier is to set a custom ringtone on the iPhones' most serious competitors, the Galaxy S8, S8+, and the Note 8?

As you might imagine, Android is not a walled-garden and changing the ringtone of your Galaxy flagship is literally a child's play.

Here's how to do it:



2. Tipus

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Yeah, don't forget to write how to change notification sound as well. In separate article , of course :)))

3. Valdomero

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The true difference here is that one is very restrictive from where you choose the music to make your ringtones, it may be from their store or a series of steps to choose from your own music (purchased or not). And the other who doesn't give a crap where you got the music from.

4. Thisisfnridiculous

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Yea I wasted 5 min to create an account....only to tell you that it's a little retarded to have to click ON YOUR PAGE, where I already am, just to see more of the article that I clicked on before to read, when you have PLENTY OF ROOM where all the ads are. No I didn't click. I'm going elsewhere to find an answer where I don't have to jump through hoops to read a simple, Godforsaken article about ringtones!!!! Hallelujah!!! Holy s**t!!

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