How to change screen modes on Samsung Galaxy S6 and Note 5

Samsung phones are known to have the latest and most advanced AMOLED displays out there, but did you know that you can actually change the way colors look on them as well?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5 (as well as other top-end Samsung phones with AMOLED screens) have a very neat screen mode’ section in settings where there are four different screen modes.

The default one is ‘Adaptive display’, a screen mode where the display automatically adjusts to lighting conditions and can go into overdrive on a particularly sunny day, for instance, when it boosts brightness to very high levels. This makes it possible to still read what’s on the screen even in those challenging conditions.

The other modes are ‘AMOLED Cinema’, ‘AMOLED photo’, and ‘Basic’. You can see the difference in the color reproduction in each of these modes live as you change between them, and particularly the AMOLED photo and the Basic modes provide a much more toned down appearance. In contrast, the cinema and default Adaptive and Cinema modes go for a very wild, super contrasty and punchy image with eye-popping colors that are artificially boosted.

If you are a photographer and care about the screen mode that delivers colors closest to the industry sRGB standard, we advise you to go with the Basic mode. It will initially appear a bit dull in comparison with the standard Adaptive mode, but it is actually much closer to those industry standards.

So how do you change screen modes on Samsung phones like the Galaxy S6 and Note 5? Follow the simple step-by-step tutorial right below.


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