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How pocketable is the Samsung Galaxy Note really? (Hint: it depends!)

How pocketable is the Samsung Galaxy Note really? (Hint: it depends!)
We've had mixed feelings about the Samsung Galaxy Note – with a simply gigantic 5.3-inch 720p display this handset is a dream come true for every tech geek, but then harsh reality strikes by reminding you that you have to actually put that damn superphone in your pocket! Can you or can't you? That's the big question that we feel like needs more clarification. 

Before answering that, though, let's remember that Samsung has a history for putting huge devices in pockets. The company's own JK Shin surprised us nearly a year ago by taking out a 7-inch tablet out of his jacket pocket. So, it is about relativity. And pockets.

Now, a jacket pocket or a purse are much bigger than your usual jeans pocket. But the video demonstration below will show you just how easy it is to fit the Galaxy Note in your jeans pocket. That's if you're not wearing tight fit jeans with those really tiny pockets. In that case, you might need to seriously think about getting the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note. In other cases? Let your geeky heart guide you, but don't keep it to yourself – share your decision in the comments below.

source: AndroidNZ

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