Honor 6X finally gets its Android Nougat update, EMUI 5.0 included

Honor 6X finally gets its Android Nougat update, EMUI 5.0 included
Honor USA just informed us that, starting today, May 2, it's rolling out an official Android Nougat update to its 6X smartphone. 

If you own a honor 6X, you probably know that the update was initially supposed to be released in March. But, hey, we've seen longer delays.

The new update brings Android 7.0 Nougat and EMUI 5.0 to the honor 6X. This means that the handset is getting software enhancements all across the board, from a refined design, to increased security and superior overall performance. Honor aims to upgrade all 6X units (likely around the world) by mid to late May.

Launched in the US back in January, the honor 6X is currently sold for $249. The smartphone is offered unlocked, and can be used on GSM/LTE networks like AT&T and T-Mobile. Among the device's highlight features, we must mention its long-lasting battery, and its fast and accurate fingerprint scanner. Now, of course, we can add Android Nougat to the list of highlights.

Let us know when you're receiving the Nougat update on your honor 6X, will you?

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1. shamrock_sean

Posts: 37; Member since: Apr 27, 2017

Shame about this phone it has no oleophobic coating & it snapped in half too easily in a bend test

2. AmashAziz

Posts: 2934; Member since: Jun 30, 2014

Dude, it's a mid-range phone! And it cannot snap in half, to be accurate. It can only bend and then break at one point due to being aluminium.

3. MisterQ

Posts: 61; Member since: Feb 13, 2015

So what it's a midrange phone? There are plenty of other phones in this price range which are much more durable and have better build quality.

4. AmashAziz

Posts: 2934; Member since: Jun 30, 2014

Learn the true essence of mid-range. Mid-range phones don't necessarily have to have the best build quality. They have mid-range specs all around, and sometimes a clear shot or two in one department, such as the camera in the Moto G5 Plus. And by the way what are these plenty of other phones with MUCH better build quality and durability? Name a few with evidence. I am not saying such phones might not exist. Look at the Galaxy Xcover series. It proves you right. But then it lacks in other areas where the Honor 6X excels. The thing is, a mid-range phone will not excel in all areas. If it does in one, it will have its costs cut in other departments. Brands have to make profits. You need to remember that.

5. MisterQ

Posts: 61; Member since: Feb 13, 2015

Honor 8, Xperia X, Axon 7 Mini, Zenfone 3, Moto G5 Plus all better options in this price range.

6. AmashAziz

Posts: 2934; Member since: Jun 30, 2014

I already mentioned the Xcover as being an option. So really no point in you mentioning these Phones. Useless now......sorry. Btw honor 8, axon 7 mini, the Moto, and xperia x have much higher price than Honor 6X, atleast in the US. Do some research before slapping all mid-range handsets idiotically. And how did you think Moto G5 Plus has better build quality than Honor 6X.....it's not even full metal at the back, HAHAHAHA! You should've seen official prices on google without any deals.

7. MisterQ

Posts: 61; Member since: Feb 13, 2015

Don't know what point you're trying to prove. Just go see jerryrig's Honor 6x video and you will see how durable that metal back really is. Software experience, support, display quality, build quality are all more important. And in these areas Moto G5 Plus is way ahead. Axon 7 mini is $199 more often than not at amazon, Xperia X is $249, Honor 8 is also around $280 on sale Also please work on your attitude, it will really help you!

8. AmashAziz

Posts: 2934; Member since: Jun 30, 2014

I just tried being a kid and see how others percieve me as. Seems like it isn't very likeable. Anyways, I also said that the Honor 6X has better build quality than Moto G5 Plus. We both have the same point here. But you didn't understand my other points. So I guess this argument should stop here.

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