Here's why the leaked "iPhone 6 frame" is likely fake

Here's why the leaked "iPhone 6 frame" is likely fake
Everyone is curious to find out what Apple has in store for the iPhone 6, which isn't due to hit the market for about another 8 months. That's just the way the rumor mill goes - the iPhone 5s is real, so it isn't as interesting, but there is plenty of speculation to be had on the iPhone 6, and a lot of fake news too. We were highly skeptical when we first saw the supposed "iPhone 6 frame", but the good folks at MacRumors have laid out good reasons why the component is likely fake.

There are two big reasons to not believe the rumor. First, the component shown is a midframe, which is designed to have hardware attached on either side before being enclosed with casing. The thing is that Apple stopped using midframes after the iPhone 4S, and now uses a unibody design (something Apple loves to use) where the components attach directly to the case. 

Secondly, the headphone jack shown on the frame is at the top of the device, but again Apple hasn't been building its iPhones that way recently. Again, with the iPhone 5 and the switch to the Lightning connector, Apple moved the headphone jack to the bottom edge of the iPhone to match the iPod Touch. A headphone jack on the bottom of a device serves two purposes: it lowers stress on the jack itself which causes fewer problems with headphone wiring, and it keeps the headphone wires from accidentally falling in front of the display. 

Obviously, Apple could be changing the way it builds devices, but it seems pretty unlikely, and we can definitely get behind the reasoning here. 

source: MacRumors

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