Here's what our readers dislike about the Galaxy S4

Here's what our readers dislike about the Galaxy S4
Last week we had a post asking you to share your thoughts about the Galaxy S4 with our community. More specifically, we asked you to tell us if there's something that you dislike about Samsung's new flagship. And what do you know, the response we got was fantastic! The article easily got more than 250 comments, all of which coming from our enthusiastic readers who were eager to express and then defend their opinions about the wonderful smartphone that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is.

To tell you the truth, some comments were even a bit too enthusiastic and heated, as the discussion quickly grew into a flame war. Not that we mind it, after all, that's what the comment section is for, but what we find quite amusing is how the idea that different people can like different things seems to be downright unacceptable! We just find this very funny.

Anyways, we read through all the comments and picked some which we think represent the complaints of the majority. To summarize, it looks like most of you, guys, dislike the plastic design and uninspiring looks of the Galaxy S4. Other reasonable complaints include the poor call quality and outdoor visibility. Before we leave you with the featured comments, though, we just wanted to say that we tend to agree with most of them, especially the one that says the GS4 doesn't make caramel machiatos, which is something that we did miss to mention in the review... See? Good thing we made that article!

Thanks to everyone for their comments!

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