Here's what instructions Judge Koh gave to Apple v. Samsung jurors

Here's what instructions Judge Koh gave to Apple v. Samsung jurors
Judge Lucy Koh who's presiding the Apple v. Samsung case has sent out a document to the nine selected jurors, explaining them the rules of the case, and giving them guidance as to how they should react to what's happening in the court in order to be able to reach the right verdict.

The document is quite long, so we won't be publishing it here in its entirety, but will only show you some of the more interesting parts of it. The full thing can be accessed via the source link below.

Right off the bat, Judge Koh makes it clear for the jurors that shouldn't be influenced by any personal beliefs, preferences, opinions or sympathies. The decision of the jurors should be exclusively based on the evidence, which the two parties are going to present:

The jurors are also told not to communicate with anyone regarding the trial, as well as to stay away from information about the case when outside the court. This is required in order to guarantee a fair trial for the parties:

Note-taking also seems to be well-received inside the courtroom:

After these, and some other general guidelines, Lucy Koh informs the jury about the essence of patents and the exact patents at issue:

Then, she goes into a little bit more detail regarding the claims of both parties:

OK, people, we'll stop right here. We don't have a limit on the number of characters in a single post, but if we had one, we'd have surely reached it already. As we said, if you find it interesting, you can read the whole document by visiting the source link.

We now that the trial is still young, but... which side are you on?

source: DocumentCloud

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