Here's what happened at the Google Play event that you didn't even know about


As you probably know, yesterday, October 24th, marked the day that hosted the anxiously awaited Google Play event in New York City. Just kidding, in all probability you know squat about such an event ever taking place, and we don't blame you, as apart from a few teasers posted on the Google Play Twitter handle, we had no information whatsoever on what exactly is going on. We still hardly do, though there are some things that appear to be seemingly confirmed. But let's start from the beginning.

It all started with a few invites to a Google-organized event scheduled for October 24th. Unsurprisingly, everyone jumped the gun, screaming Nexus 5, though it wasn't long after that we had a pretty reliable confirmation that no hardware whatsoever will be presented and the event is just a get-together for Google Play employees and friends. As it turns out, this is exactly what happened, though we were still a tad suspicious, seeing as the Play team looked to be teasing the event, not to mention that we've learned to keep eyes on target from a previous Motorola event that you may recall.

Unfortunately, it would appear that this time around there were no highly-anticipated devices making sneaky appearances, just some Google dudes having fun and chilling out whilst Capital Cities jammed some tunes for them. Of course, the inconspicuousness of the entire thing kept some people unnerved, prompting Geek's Russel Holly to take to Twitter to shed some light on the matter:

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But hey, who knows – perhaps Holly was bribed with an early Nexus 5 unit to keep his mouth shut. But enough talk, time to scan some Twitter photos for any signs of beloved confectionery or an alien robot.

source: @GooglePlay

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