Here's what an unofficial iPhone 6 'Iron Man' edition looks like

Here's what an unofficial iPhone 6 'Iron Man' edition looks like
Marvel fans far and wide have been getting excited about the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man edition in recent times, although it seems that only those in South Korea and other select Asian nations will be able to get their hands on it officially. As Avengers fanatics in the United States and other Western markets continue to hope and pray for a release of the special S6 edge outside of Asia, those with an iPhone 6 can also achieve that Iron Man look for the humble price of $25. 

With it being quite unlikely that Apple will partner with Marvel to offer an Iron Man iPhone at this point, Avengers-loving, iPhone 6-wielding folk still have a means of achieving the look without having to switch to Samsung. Slickwraps' all-new 'Hero Series' wraps for the Apple flagship will turn any color configuration of the iPhone 6 (or iPhone 6 Plus) into an Iron Man-themed marvel.

The metallic red coloring looks right on the money from where we're sitting, and you too can get the Iron Man finish for the price of $24.95. Additionally, with Apple having just thrown out its first official Lightning dock for iPhones, Slickwraps will chuck in the necessary stickers for that, too -- provided you're willing to cough up an extra $4. 

The result of an iPhone and dock decorated with the Iron Man theming is quite a sight to behold, as YouTuber Jonathan Morrison demonstrates in his hands-on below, and if you'd like to replicate this aesthetic, please check the source link:

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