Here's how you can use Google Maps offline

Here's how you can use Google Maps offline
With the arrival of Nokia Maps on Windows Phone, the platform might have suddenly become the one with the best geographical and navigational support, but Google’s Android is still the most widespread platform out there. And if you’re planning a small trip you might end up surprised that when you go out of your carrier’s coverage range, your maps will simply stop to load and you’d be left on your own in the wild.

Can you do something to prevent yourself from such mishaps? For relatively small areas Google has provided a simple solution that will pre-cache your maps and allow you to use them offline.

The feature is hidden in the maps settings and we’ve made a quick how-to explaining all the little steps to make it happen. 

Note, that Google Maps will only pre-cache the 10-mile area around a certain point, so it’s definitely not enough for big trips, but for city commutes might just do. You also don't get to zoom in as much as you would when using the maps online. And finally, good news is that you can easily pre-cache a couple of 10-mile areas, just in case. Check out how below.

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