Here’s how carriers test their coverage in places where no vehicles can go

Here’s how carriers test their coverage in places where no vehicles can go
If your dream job is not half-laying/half-sitting in front of a computer from 9 to 5, this here unique job in the telecom business might be somewhat of an enlightenment for you. “Pedestrian tester” is the name of the rare type of a telecoms employee who has to go through the hardship of slowly walking around streets, parks, but mostly areas where vehicles can’t get into like malls, and carry five separate phones for testing a carrier’s network. That’s for the sole purpose of having tests from those hard to reach locations go to the carrier, so it could make fixes where needed.

Slowly walking is key - he has to imitate the average user who might be moving at a snail-speed while typing, or just glued to his screen. As a bonus you can blast music on your headphones as you’re intensely doing the slow walking routine.

The whole pedestrian testing affair goes on in 24 different British cities. We frankly don’t know if such a job exists in the States, but you could try searching for it - benefits include possible weight loss and a deep knowledge of all little corners, malls and other secretive places in your town.

source: Vodafone via Electric Pig


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