Here is my biggest hope for the Samsung Galaxy S8

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Saying that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is an anticipated device is an understatement. It is not only the most anticipated phone in the first half of 2017, it is actually one of very few genuinely exciting phones that we are eagerly looking forward to. It holds the promise to become not just the best Android phone, it holds the promise to overshadow the Apple iPhone for a good deal of the year.

However, there is one thing I would like to see fixed in the Samsung Galaxy S8, and unlike the full-screen curved display, the ultra powerful Snapdragon 835 system chip and the smart new Bixby personal assistant, as well as all other cool innovation with the S8, there are no major leaks or rumors about this one particular thing.

I am talking about the camera.

When the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge launched, it seemed that the enthusiasm overwhelmed most coverage and many were quick to crown it 'the best camera on a phone' ever. The Wall Street Journal boldly concluded that 'Samsung's 2016 flagship beats the iPhone and Android rivals in camera' in a review containing exactly... two pictures. It never mentioned any significant issues. In fact, we have heard so much praise from everywhere that people simply tend to shun any critical opinion.

Well, I have a critical opinion and I have a confession to make: I don't think that the Galaxy S7 camera is the best camera in a phone. In fact, I shoot a ton of pictures and even more video on my smartphone, and the Galaxy S7's sub-par camera quality has been my number one reason NOT to buy this phone.

"How can you back this 'absurd' claim up, Vic," I hear you asking? Here are my 2 cents.

Samsung introduced a brand new Dual Pixel technology with the Galaxy S7, an impressive piece of technology from the pro camera world: it allows super-fast auto-focusing, faster than we've ever seen before. There is no doubt: the Galaxy S7 has the fastest focusing camera of any phone. It's miles ahead of the competition in terms of speed, and that shows especially well in low light when others struggle. However, that speed might have also been the reason why Samsung significantly reduced the actual quality of its images, even in comparison with the Galaxy S6 from 2015.

Here are the technical peculiarities of the Galaxy S7 camera (skip to the next paragraph for the actual issues): first, Dual Pixel technology. It is remarkable because for the first time in a phone Samsung put two photodiodes in every single pixel of the camera (compare this with a regular phase-detection auto-focus system has such photodiodes on only 5% of the pixels). Those photo diodes, however, requires separation and space, and this could have interfered with the larger individual pixels on the S7 camera. Secondly, we have a super wide f/1.7 aperture lens, which has the plus of letting more light in, but it also means that this light enters at very extreme angles and could be one of the reasons for the issues below.

With all this technical details in mind, here is what you will see as a regular person looking at photos: terrible oversharpening.

In our camera comparisons, we can instantly recognize the pictures from the Galaxy S7 over other phones, but not because they are better: every single object on an image is surrounded by an extremely weird, unnatural oversharpening halo. This really is a digression from the Galaxy S6: the Galaxy S7 looks plain unrealistic. Once again, while every phone has its specifics (LG's flagship phones tend to capture images that look a bit like water-color painting when you look at them in detail on a bigger screen), the S7 is the only one where the issue is really in your face.

We are not the only one who noticed this, but only a few dared to speak out. AnandTech, a respected tech website, was one of the few voices to clearly articulate the issue, saying that "the Galaxy S7 is just a bit disappointing" in low light performance and that "Samsung has gone in the wrong direction with their camera processing".

Worse off, the same oversharpening appears in Galaxy S7 videos. One of the most popular video tests of the Galaxy S7 camera has the top commenter TheMastersCasters wondering: "Is it just me, or is everything over sharpened and oversaturated?" He was not the only one: "Oversharpend as hell. It could look so much better without the sharpening... :-/", wrote Henry Longmire. There is a bunch of comments to S7 videos on the web echoing this sentiment.

When the hype wears off, it is clear that the Samsung Galaxy S7 has not been the camera messiah that many have tried to make out of it. It is a very good camera with one terribly obvious issue. Samsung has done many things wrong in the past, but it has listened in to recommendations and has fixed most wrongs, and I hope it listens this time as well. After all, it could fix a lot of the wrongs in TouchWiz and no one believed that was ever possible...



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Butthurt ________________ on notice now

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Apple fanboy troll...

4. mikehunta727 unregistered

Not at all. Been here much longer then you and am much more technologically inclined then you are Arte and I do love technology as a whole neutral wise. It is okay to criticize OEM's on valid points like I always do. Not my fault you can't engage in intellectual debate on the topics and discussion I bring forth. Stop being a wanna be racist white nationalist who sits on PA all day with his 800 th account (stop it Arte) If you get offended by this statement you know who you are. It's a blank statement, but you filled your self in there LOL 2 likes in within one minute of posting your comment. A actual troll who is liking his own comments with his alt accounts confirmed

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Arte account number #801. Stop being a Trumpist snowflake who needs their safe space Your tears are delicious at the amazement of my ability to be neutral and objective when talking tech My #1 comment was aimed at those who read this article/headline and feel butthurt(the haters)

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The thing you are tasting is not the tears darling it's my pale yellow piss

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Nah, it's those delicious Trumpist snowflake tears, you in your safe place yet you Trumpist?

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Mike he may be a troll but you are one as well. the goal of your first comment was clearly to make samsung fanboy react in bad way. From wikipedia : a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response.

44. mikehunta727 unregistered

Actually it was directed at the haters of this article who may read this article/headlines and feel butthurt by it. It is a positive Samsung article, isn't that obvious to you? Lol ironic, Marorun trying to call me a troll yet you have said some of the most ridiculous absolutely untrue statements on this website Remember your famous "Had customers come into my store with cases melted to their Galaxy s6's but no complaints HTC M10 over heating at all" etc. That "exynos 7420 sucks and S810 perform better, doesn't overheat like Exynos 7420" etc, all these ridiculously untrue statements you have made in the past You have no credibility, and you can't call someone a troll if you don't at least have the guts to intellectually debate on the topic mentioned

61. sissy246

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"That "exynos 7420 sucks and S810 perform better, doesn't overheat like Exynos 7420" etc, all these ridiculously untrue statements you have made in the past" I love my exynos 7420. Still as fast as the day I got it. Never over heats when playing games. Now it does get just a little warm when changing but not what I would call hot.

63. mikehunta727 unregistered

I was mentioning what Marorun said in 2015 and bit of 2016. Thats literally what he has said, his "anecdotal evidence", that he had customers come into his store all the time complaining about S6 over heating and running like s**t and HTC M10'S with the very infamous S810 "no issues at all, no customers come into my shop with messed up HTC S810 device but had customers come into my shop with melted case to S6" Etc etc Exynos 7420 is still a great chip. When I had the S6 i only noticed it would get hot by the power button area when under big load like gaming for a little while etc But basically even to this day he swears S810 is superior to e7420, he is always ripping Samsung actually

89. sissy246

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Yeah I knew you were talking about him. Just giving my experience with my 7420

53. mikehunta727 unregistered

"with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response." So by this definition of trolling, anything that someone says, even if its objective empirical facts, that say a fanboy doesn't agree with because he is a fanboy and doesn't wanna believe a fact that goes against is agenda, is now considered "trolled" because a empirically factual fact invoked a biased emotional response in someone? I consider someone who writes racists rants/disses other people/says belligerently stupid things/is off topic all the time/intentionally trying to go off topic to be trolls, not calling out butthurt haters of Samsung or LG or Apple or etc It's perfectly fine and acceptable to call out haters dude, it's funny because actual haters will have just filled them selvs in that blank up above, funny how the mind works

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I don't know who's the worst, Arte, or that fool Richard Yarrel, or that abomination called Jake Lee. Man this site holds one of the worst trolls in the Internet.

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Bobbybuster was the best troll.

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Isn't he Jake Lee but different account? He posts in a similar robotic, emotionless, and creepy manner. Good that he's gone.

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I miss bobbybuster.....he was funny.....he would make his statement and never really engage anyone

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He'd just troll. Unlike the vulgar and racist ones we have now.

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Yep, BobbyBuster was funny as heck. My favorite one from him is: (talking about the Snapdragon 820 and referring to the Snapdragon 810) "And the Android OEMs will bleed twice as much dealing with the heat. No one makes money with Android™" And that comment of his, was the first he posted just after being released from a Limited ban, and it's is the very same comment that had got him Limited in first place. LMFAO

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Nobody makes money with Android™. -BobbyBuster

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Arte was not a troll. He was a fan of Android and Samsung and used to defend every bit of it. He was a funny guy with amusing broken English.

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Not anymore. He's the worst troll to ever exist in PA. If I want to rank trolls it would be: 1-Arte. 2-Jake Lee. 3-Richard Yarrel. 4-Hallyu a.k.a Supernova. 5-Cambodian patriot. 3 gone, 2 left. Your turn PA.

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And you are just a butt hurt isheep.

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I have owned more Android products then the age of yourself lmao...stop being a sucker and learn to love technology as a whole. You don't need to hate inanimate objects, they are inanimate It feels good to be a avid general technology lover that doesn't hold bias torward a brand. I thoroughly just love technology as a whole and I feel bad for the fanboys on here Love my Nvidia Shield tablet K1 on 7.0 also. It's superb

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You literally starts out with a trolling post and appears to get offended to get trolled back? :D

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So funny how that I can say a few positive things about Apple or iOS devices that is extremely valid and get called a fanboy for talking about objective points while you never engage in debate back to possibly "prove me wrong". And when I say something positive about LG or Samsung, etc, no one gets called a "LG fanboy or Samsung fanboy", funny how that works on this site but you just sit there with your thumb in your rear calling people trolls when your the biggest troll to ever exist on this website Arte , with your 800th alt account after being banned so many times Quit being such a salty Closed minded fanboy. education and curiosity is good for you, don't be so closed minded. There is good and bad in everything, like ying and yang

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lots of Samsung fanboy on this site and several time i told them what they are. As for the rest nothing to say :)

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Says the self proclaimed Samsung hater who for a long time denied there were any issues with Snapdragon 810. :-) Only thing worse than fanboys are the haters, you need to judge each device for what they are, and not by who makes them. Your name is a joke here, why do you even bother ?

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"yin" and yang

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Let's fix the camera with a CarlZeiss optics and PureView....

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