Here are the winners of our iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 4S giveaway

Several days ago, the lives of 5 lucky PhoneArena users changed forever. Okay, that's probably a bit of an exaggeration, although winning a prize from one of our giveaways is a pretty big deal. The prizes? Smartphones, of course! Here's what was up for grabs in the latest #NewPhoneDay giveaway and who won it:

  • User Fallout09 can now brag with his new Samsung Galaxy S III for Sprint. 
  • mrraider602 now has a Sprint iPhone 5.
  • xuerantiger has been awarded with a Sprint iPhone 4S.
  • Users nyjumpman23 and mrblah won RadioShack gift cards worth $100 each to spend on a gadget of their choice.

But we aren't the only ones to thank – we hosted the #NewPhoneDay giveaway in partnership with the awesome guys at RadioShack. Even if you didn't win, feel free to take a look at their web page or visit one of their outlets. There's often great deals on new smartphones offered at low on-contract prices, so you never know when you might just run into your next handset at a RadioShack store. 

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