Here are some must-have wallpaper apps for iOS & Android: gorgeous backgrounds as easy as pie

Regardless if you're rocking an Android device, an iPhone, a Windows 10, or even a BlackBerry handset, there is one thing in common - there's hardly a smartphone without a wallpaper out there. And rightly so - who doesn't like a good-looking wallpaper on their device? We, for sure, are suckers for such, and our bi-weekly picks with carefully selected wallpapers are a dead giveaway for our passion.

Browsing for the perfect wallpaper might be a rewarding experience, but still, sometimes it's times easier and more convenient to just open an app and check out a multitude of available wallpapers that are easy to get and make use of. This is where wallpaper aggregators come in handy: those are apps that show you a large selection of often superb wallpapers that would look quite good on your device. 

In this line of thought, check out some of our favorite apps that aggregate wallpapers for your pleasure. Just get one of the ones listed below and you're mostly set for the time being. 


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Zedge is, without a doubt, one of the go-to choices for a large horde of users. It's available for both iOS and Android and is not only home to a pretty vast selection of good-looking wallpapers, but also ringtones and notifications sounds. This makes the whole package quite deserving to be on your device. But let's get to the wallpapers, shall we? The app is updated pretty often with usually nice wallpapers, which are separated in four different categories, like abstract, anime, love, music, and others. Featured and popular ones are also on board. You can find a superb wallpaper in no time with Zedge, and that's why the app is so high up in this list. For the most part it does its job in an impeccable way and will hardly disappoint even the more demanding wallpaper connoisseurs out there. 

Wallpaper QHD 

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While it might not be as content-rich as Zedge, Wallpapers QHD or Best Wallpapers QHD as it's known on Android, is definitely worth a try. It offers a large selection of rad high-res wallpapers, which are scrollable (in case you have an Android device and a compliant third-party launcher). In case you're using an iPhone, fret not - the supplied wallpapers will certainly work well with the limitations of iOS, but you will have to adjust the wallpaper before applying. All in all, the app is another offering wallpaper lovers should try, as it's definitely a good wallpaper aggregator.


Get it on iOS (free)

This iOS app is as straightforward as it gets: you install it on your device, open it up, and you're immediately greeted by a nifty wallpaper. In case you like it, you can save it to your Photo Stream and use it as a background later; if you don't like it, so be it - just swipe right for a new one. What's best about this app is that the supplied wallpapers are of the what-you-see-is-what-you-get type — you wouldn't need to move and scale any of the images, just download and set as wallpaper. As easy as that. 


Get it on Android (free) 

While Plastexo does not come with thousands of wallpapers on board, and does not offer new ones each and every day, but still has more than enough good-looking Material Design wallpapers in store. Actually, there are just 120 QHD wallpapers if the app description is to be believed, which is quite a small amount if you compare it to some of the other entries in this list, but still, all of the wallies on board are pretty nifty. With a resolution of 3200 by 2560 pixels, it's certain that any of these will look gorgeous on any display you might throw them at.


Get it on iOS ($1.99)

If you are among those who find joy in snapping pictures and making their own wallpapers with their iPhones, then Wallax should certainly be among the apps you own. The apps allows you to edit your pictures and create the perfect wallpaper by scaling them or even blurring them. You can also add bokeh, text, and edit the image with other filters and effects. Certainly a must-have for those who do not feel intimidated by making their own wallpapers.


Get it on Android (free)

Backdrops is home to hundreds of original wallpapers that are created by the developer itself, and who doesn't simply love original stuff? We certainly do and if you are on the same boat, Backdrops will most probably appeal to you, too! The app is free to download and use, though you can make an in-app purchase and unlock an additional level of features, though you can use its main potential without buying the "Pro" version.


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