Here are 10 awesome Kindle Fire covers and cases

Here are 10 awesome Kindle Fire covers and cases
After the Holidays, chances are the Amazon Kindle Fire has a household item in your family, or at least you know someone who got one as a gift. And even though it’s only $200, or maybe just because of that, you’d want to dress it up to look its best. 

Some would need a cover that doubles as a stand, possibly add a keyboard and try to use the mini tablet to its fullest. Others would want to give it that vintage look of an old book - after all, the Kindle Fire is an e-book reader. The rest would want maximum protection and security for their gadget so that no accidental drop could destroy it.

That’s why we delved into depths of Kindle Fire cases (and there’s tons of those cases out there), to cherry-pick the ones that would fit your needs in style and functionality. Here are our picks:

1. Amazon Kindle Fire Zip Sleeve - $29.99 (now selling for $19.99)
The Zip Sleeve is Amazon’s official solution for protecting your Kindle Fire and it’s light and slim, while still offering decent protection. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of colors.

Verso makes some of the prettiest cases for tablets and e-readers and this one is no exception - your tablet is getting treated like an antique book and fits snugly.

The Joe V. Leather cover takes vintage to the next level, but you’d need to swallow the bitter pill that is its price tag.

There’s something about velcro that reminds of the coziness and peace of winter by the fireplace. Combine this with soft suede insides so that your Fire doesn’t scratch, and an affordable price tag, and you’ve got a great case.

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Eco-friendly says it all about the case and the case is all about eco-friendly. Made out of cork-like bright high-grade imitated leather and velvet interior lining. Best thing about it? It’s super cheap, if you can find it - it’s currently not available on Amazon.

This case protects and erects your Kindle Fire to two viewing angles for a relatively affordable price.

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The Leather Folio is of the AmazonBasics series which means that it’s definitely worth checking out balancing price with protection and stand functionality.

Another case that doubles as a stand, but this one has a hard polycarbonate back and a soft protective lid for protection against scratches and impact.

A multi-angle stand for typing, watching movies, made of faux-leather on the outside and microsuede on the inside for no scratches.

The Drop Tech series case is the rugged case for the Kindle Fire. If you want your baby-tablet safe, that’s one plausible option. The price is tough too, though.

10. Tab Station - $34.99
Made for musicians, the Tab Station fits any microphone stand, and can be oriented between portrait and landscape with adjustable angle. If you want to have your hands free, this would be your pick.

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