He was a lawyer and a boxer in good health, then Apple Watch saved his life

Apple is putting a big emphasis on the abilities of its Watch wearable to track your fitness and health, and is currently engaged with Stanford University to study irregular heart rhythms of Watch wearers, and their cardiopredictive abilities. Apple's CEO Tim Cook himself is a fitness nut, getting up in the wee hours of the morning to get his training on before the packed day has started, and often touts this or that health-related feature of Apple gadgets.

It's not all in vain, or a marketing trick, as one Scott Kilian, an attorney, but also a guy dabbling in law enforcement and boxing in his spare time, recently found out. After undergoing ten thousand dollars worth of exercise and metabolic stress tests just before he turned 50, he was cleared as sporty and in good health. Fast forward to last month, and he went to sleep with his Apple Watch on hand, which he uses to track sleep patterns, as a lot of wearable fans do. 

Shortly after midnight, the timepiece alerted him that his resting heart rate had been elevated to heights unseen for the period that he started wearing the Apple Watch - 121 beats per minute against his usual average 49 bpm. He didn't feel sick, save for mild digestion issue, yet the sheer exclusivity of the event prompted him to take a trip to the ER. The doctors hooked him up to the EKG machine, and didn't find any abnormal rhythms, but when they drew blood, the samples showed elevated enzymes indicative of a current, or progressed heart attack. 

Further scans revealed four nearly blocked arteries, which required quick surgery and stent placement. Had the Apple Watch not alerted Scott about his heart's abnormal behavior that night, he might have died in his sleep, said his doctor, just like his grandfather, who was in his mid-fifties when it occurred. Long story short, wear your wearables, kids, and pay attention to what they say about your fitness and health. One thing is clear - this heartwarming Apple Watch story certainly beats the saved-from-sharks Apple Watch story.

source: 9to5Mac

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