Has Sony flip-flopped again? Screenshots show Android 5.0 on the Sony Xperia C3

Has Sony flip-flopped again? Screenshots show Android 5.0 on the Sony Xperia C3
If some leaked screenshots are showing us the future, Sony is beginning to have an image problem as it is looking wishy-washy, easy to control, and unwilling to stand its ground. This goes back to last year when Sony first pulled The Interview after threats made against theaters showing the picture. Sony says that some theaters had decided against showing the film, but there were quite a few that were willing to exhibit the movie. After getting bad press from this action, Sony partially reversed its decision and allowed some theaters to show it along with Google Play, Netflix and other streamers.

Just the other day, Sony sent out a series of tweets revealing that only Xperia Z handsets would be updated to Android 5.0. But over the weekend, a series of screenshots leaked showing Android 5.0 running on the Sony Xperia C3. And while "Z" and "C" can sound alike, the last time we checked the latter was the third letter in the alphabet while the former was the 26th. In other words, the Xperia C3 is not a member of the Xperia Z series.

Now it is true that Sony could have been testing the update on the Xperia C3 internally. Who knows, perhaps it was the performance of Android 5.0 running the Xperia C3 handset that made Sony decide against releasing the update to non Xperia Z phones. Or perhaps it means that non Xperia Z models will be updated in the future. Regardless, it is an interesting contradiction and gives hope to those with handsets like the Sony Xperia C3 that one day they will be using Android 5.0 on their device.

The screenshots show features of Lollipop such as the new Recent Apps menu, Lock Screen notifications, Quick Settings page and Material Design. Check it out by clicking on the slideshow below.

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source: it168 (translated) via  XperiaBlog

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