Hands-on with the Verizon Wireless XV6900

Hands-on with the Verizon Wireless XV6900
A few days ago, Verizon Wireless released the XV6900 and PhoneArena has gotten some quality time with the device. The XV6900 is the same device as the Touch, which Sprint and Alltel has carried since last year, but has gotten a white makeover for Verizon. Early rumors said that the device was slimmer, and Verizon themselves originally said it would launch with GPS and EVDO Rev. A, but none of those turned out to be true. Save for a few software customizations and the whitewash the XV6900 and Touch are identical devices. HTC’s TouchFLO interface and the phone’s size is still the key differentiation between other smartphone on the market. It should also be noted that the XV6900 does not offer any of Verizon’s multimedia services, unlike the Sprint Touch.

The white plastic of the XV6900 creates a significant difference from the Sprint Touch, however. Whereas Sprint’s black version uses soft touch paint, giving a reassuring feeling in the hand, the white plastic casing used by Verizon is hard and slippery, making the device feel decidedly cheap. The white mesh for the speaker holes, as well a lack of branding on the back, give the XV6900 the appearance of a knock-off Chinese device as opposed to a $350 smartphone. Though we would have imagined it was the same, the Verizon screen has noticeably more drag when running a finger or stylus across the screen. We’ll give Verizon the benefit of the doubt and chalk that up to months of use on our Sprint device, but honestly we don’t remember that with the Touch. It ships with a few less accessories as well: there is no miniUSB to 2 miniUSB splitter, no stereo headphones and no memory card which are all included with the Sprint Touch.

However, in comparison to the LG Voyager, the XV6900's display is somewhat more responsive and is easier to use with your finger. Often times when we used the Voyager, we wished a stylus was included, but we hardly ever needed to use the one that came with the XV6900. The included mobile version of Internet Explorer loaded web sites faster and displayed them with greater ease than the Voyager's basic HTML browser. Not to mention that Mobile Outlook is a more capable e-mail program, with the ability to view HTML e-mails and open file attachments.

We should also point out that the new $29.99 Data Plan that Verizon launched on April 14th is currently not available with the XV6900. This leaves consumers with the following four choices:

  1. Pay-as-you-go, which will charge you $15.36 per MB (1.5 cents per KB).
  2. 10MB of data usage for $24.99/month, with overages costing $5.12 per MB (1/2 cent per KB).
  3. Unlimited data (5GB cap) for $44.99/month.
  4. Data Block, which will block all incoming and outgoing data.

Overall, we were disappointed in Verizon’s offering when placed next to the Sprint's version. We still love the hardware, build quality and size, just like we did back when reviewing the Sprint unit, but it has taken Verizon over five months to launch a device that was ultimately the same as the competition and in the process they managed to cheapen it. Except, of course, for the price.

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1. Rocco unregistered

Thought it was the xv6900 not 69000

2. Nino unregistered

Your right it is the vx6900

79. unregistered

vx6900 is only for verizon

3. Metall8cat

Posts: 7; Member since: Apr 12, 2008

Yeah, this was a big disappointment for me. I work in a store and was able to crack this phone open a few days ago. The phone definitely feels cheap, the UI alterations are slightly frustrating, and the lack of Wi-Fi is extremely moronic. All in all I think they could have done a better job with this offering, especially in the multimedia area. Nice try, but I'll wait until the next offering to dive into a new phone

4. elgee02 unregistered

If you want to criticize the phone for no WiFi (it's pointless to have with allll the EV-DO coverage, but whatever) that's fine, but make sure you blame the right party. VZW did not take WiFi off (Sprint's version doesn't have it either), HTC did not make this version with WiFi.

5. stink unregistered

how does this version cost more than the sprint version??

6. Nino unregistered

B/c it is Verizon

7. Jason Blacklock unregistered

No GPS, are you joking? The phone is useless. Verizon You need to get it together!!!

8. jimmygator unregistered


9. elgee02 unregistered

A crappy omission, I agree but that makes this useless? Uhh if it can still CALL people, let alone text, email, and surf then it is FAR from useless.

10. elgee02 unregistered

I played with a live VZW version of this phone and I didn't notice any lag at all, something is up with phonearena's test unit it seems.

11. Sammo unregistered

I am a loyal Verizon customer but by no means am I loyal because of the quality phones they have. I am loyal to them because of the quality reception I get with them. The one thing I have never understood is, how come Verizon has to come out with some of the worst phones on the planet? I mean look at the Touch. Why is it that while all the other companies like Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T come out with the HTC TOUCH, and VZW comes out with the XV6900? Why alter something already done if there's nothing wrong with it? What's worse is that phonearena said the Touch would be available on the 16th, and when I called a VZW representative on the 15th, they acted like they never heard of the handset. COME ON DAMN IT! Don't insult my intelligence like that. When you have a company insult the public's intellect like that, people lose loyalty. As consumers, there are some of us who aren't as retarded as you might think we are. Then again, there are going to be the retards who will buy the "modified" piece of crap called the XV6900. Thanks a lot Verizon for not only insulting the public but for taking originals and slandering everything about the phones. Good job. Keep it up dumb asses. And I say that with sarcasm dripping like you wouldn't believe.

62. Teo unregistered

Pardon me, but have you thought that Phone Arena's release dates are off? Or perhaps due to unforseen issues, the release date got pused back? Perhaps you are assuming that they always do know exact release dates of products. I can say this, When a rep states that they do not know release dates, it's because of the Legal department. You know how most companies are, not able to release information. Don't assume that Verizon is trying to insult the publics intellect as you put it. Also, put into account that the the XV6900 is the designation given to companies BY THE MANUFACTURER. Not from Verizon Wireless. Also put into consideration that a lot of companies sign Exclusivity Contracts, point and case with the Razr, the Krzr and the Slvr all from Motorola. And then you have to condense the CDMA Technology which is better than your GSM Networks, into the same sized phones. So most of what you see comming from Verizon, technically isn't the fault of Verizon, but of Manufacturers. So before you complain about the lack of what the phones could do, consider the amount of money they are putting into the network to ensure you get better coverage. You want a cooler phone, Fine, go to another carrier. But you yourself said that you are Loyal to Verizon because of the quality of reception. Which in my honost opinion, is far more important than anything that the phone COULD do.

64. Dont have one unregistered

I have to say that I agree. Verizon is a phone company. They don't manufacture phones so you're complaining in the right place, about the wrong person. Similar to what Teo wrote, I don't know why you would take the time to even comment if your service is good, and that is what you contract for them to provide you, service. Did you ever stop to think that maybe the representative didn't actually know the release date? I mean that happens too. My friend said they don't tell them the release dates.

65. HeyTreTre unregistered

ISpeaking from a vzw data support rep VZW takes FOREVER to release phones because of the heavy testing they do. thats why you always see the phones drop on sprint then on vzw But still notice the lag from GSM over to CDMA, blame Qualcomm lol for suing everyone! Its why i jumped ship to ATT I can buy a phone from wherever, whenever I have a decent 3G network. (next revision on HSDPA is 3.6mbps) As soon as RIM cards (i believe thats what they are called) become more popular and compatible i will jump bck to vzw with a rim card and just buy ATT phones (well GSM phones anyway

68. unregistered

your dumb dude, its a SIM card (subscriber information module) they're only used in gsm and iDen phones. verizon and sprint uses cdma. they don't use sim cards and they never will. verizon has some global phones that take an optional vodofone sim card for traveling over seas, but they are only good for doing that. they are not unlockable. go to phone scoop and look up the glossary. you will never be able to use a gsm phone on a cdma network, period.

69. unregistered

oh yeah, and RIM stands for Research in Motion, just another name for Blackberry pretty much

71. almost bought VX6900 unregistered

Sammo, I almost bought the VX6900 but at the Verizon store, but declined with the Verizon employee told me that the VX6900 could not access Verizon's Get It Now network, could not back up my phone numbers, had a limit of 1000 phone number entries, and required me to purchase a service for $45 to back up my phone numbers to MS Outlook. The VX6900 seemed very high tech but is removed some of the other technology that already existed. Is this correct or did I get wrong information or is this a Verizon issue. Does Sprint HTC Touch have the same limitations? Thanks.

74. unregistered

No data device can access GIN. It's not exclusive to the VX6900.

76. unregistered

Sammo, The 6900 will back up to your outlook with the provided cable. You do not have to buy the 45 data plan (why you would want a pda phone and no data I have no idea) and I have over 3000 contacts in mine. I love these types of sites they truly show how stupid people are when they go off half cocked and complain about things that they have very little understanding of. It makes me feel like a genius (i'm not) and also explains why the world is in the shape thats its in. So thanks alot !!!! You are the best!!

77. unregistered

Retard...oh sorry Sammo, The reps at Verizon are not allowed to give out information that is not already public. Also many time dates that you find on web sites are not correct, but I guess you believe everything you read on the web. Love Batman yes really Im batman.....god damn moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

80. unregistered

your a terd!!!!

85. unregistered

I have a 6900 and love it...unfortunately the case is showing some hairline cracks!!!. FYI The phone links with outlook thru activesync and is free. The cracking is not a good thing, though.

87. unregistered

You are just as Dumb for not realizing VzW Does offer you to use SIM cards and has Global phones...Ummm MotoZ6 or Hmm try the Blackbwerry8830 GLOBAL Edition???? LOL

12. stink unregistered

no i was saying..or meant to say it in the form of a question..they say it cost more, but when I went to both websites, they cost the same..that's what i meant..what do they mean it cost more?

13. stink unregistered

and i'm not a fanboy or anything but it just seems that the minute vzw comes out with a device there are alot of people already ready to slander it, but when sprint comes out with something, even if it looks crappy..people are all over it. what we kinda fail to realize is that the cdma version of the touch..all cdma carriers have pretty much the same thing..vzw prolly added a couple of things, and i'm pretty sure it will include gps eventually..hopefully at least..i havent played with one yet..but from the videos on youtube..they seem like a great device to try..

82. scotttttttttttt unregistered

i had one it wasn't to bad camera likes to come on alot. dropped several call while out side. its still new to vzw network give it a litle time for them to work out the kinks before you buy rember 30 days if you dont like it return it i did.

14. unregistered

I'll be the first to admitt that the weakest area in VZW is the cell phones, but #11 I would take it out on the store reps, often times companys dont like to disclose info about new phones especially when it comes to release dates. Simply cause if a rep tells a customer this and that about an unknow phone and it doesnt pan out the wayi t should. You have now create a possibily bad situation

15. unregistered

Thats why I am waiting for Verizon to go Open Network, that way I can pick my own phone(Wi-Fi capable). My new every two is up in January though, which I think is too soon...

66. techy unregistered

as far as verizon goes, they do have an open network,. problem with activating other carriers equipmnt on their network is that no warr is issues, and it takes about a month to go without a phone so they can activate it on their service. it has actually been around for a while now, its just not public common knowledge. Also verizon prides themselves on having the in house techicians, and if you activate other carrier equipment yet have verizon service and something happens you bring it to a store to fix right? and when the techs tell you they cant do anything about it, you get mad. its a catch 22. I just think its rediculas how you people are so quick to expect things without thinking about them at all. Go work for the company for a day, and maybe you'll have just the slightest idea of how it actually works. You cant have your cake and eat it too....

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