HTC's first half 2010 roadmap leaked?

HTC's first half 2010 roadmap leaked?
Back in October, HTC released a roadmap of its handsets for the first half of 2010 at a meeting in Vienna. Now, the information has been leaked and we can show you what HTC has been working on for next year's first 6 months. The phones have been classified by different categories. For example, under "Design", we have the HTC Legend and the HTC Salsa. Both are Android devices with the latter due out in June 2010 and the former in March 2010.

The next category has the heading "Social". It is there that we find the HTC Tide and the HTC Buzz with release dates set for April and May 2010, respectively. Both units are powered by Android.

The last of the Android devices, the HTC Bravo, is listed under the category of "Performance". It seems to be in the right section considering it will be sporting a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, a 3.7 inch AMOLED WVGA display, feature video capture at 720p, and come with a 16GB microSD card out of the box. April 2010 is the expected launch date.

The "Productivity" section has three Windows Mobile 6.5 handsets, the HTC Photon, the HTC Trophy and the HTC Tera. The Photon should be out in April 2010 with the Trophy launched in May 2010. No date has been seen for the release of the Tera.

A lot could change between now and the actual release of any of these handsets. It presents a fair balance between Android and Windows Mobile devices and there seems to be a strong desire to support the social networking sites. Any of these models stand out as something that you really gotta have in 2010?

source: xda-developersforum via BGR

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