HTC top manager confirms: HTC has not given up, working on future flagships


HTC is in a pretty bad shape: very few people are buying its phones and the HTC 10 that it worked hard on was available on the U.S. market only for a few months until carriers decided to prematurely stop selling it.

The decline in HTC phone sales has continued for years now, so much so that outside observers have been wondering whether the company will even make another flagship phone.

The answer comes loud and clear today from HTC senior PR manager Jeff Gordon: yes, HTC has not given up and it's in fact hard at work on 'future flagships'.

Notice the plural: 'flagships', not 'flagship'.

Any further details? HTC has been dead-quiet recently, but we have reached out to the company and will keep you up-to-date if we get more details.

So far, we can only rely on sketchy rumors: a device codenamed HTC Ocean is rumored to come as the successor to the HTC 10. The HTC Ocean is expected to have a design similar to that of the HTC 10, but with a few innovative tricks: a touch-sensitive area on the side of the phone that you control by swipes to increase volume and perform other functions. A few new features in the interface, a close integration with the Google Assistant and a dual camera system are in the cards as well.

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