HTC to score hat trick with 3 Android tablets

HTC to score hat trick with 3 Android tablets
According to DigiTimes. Taiwanese manufacturer HTC is about to join the list of those making Android powered tablets. The report says that there are three tablets coming from HTC starting with the Flyer in March. This model will be launched through an unnamed carrier with Android 2.3 on board and will be upgradable to Android 3.0 as soon as Honeycomb becomes available. The remaining two tablets should launch in June with Honeycomb installed out of the box.

DigitTime says that the Flyer will beat the Motorola XOOM to market, but the paper says that the Verizon branded tablet is coming out in April while Big Red and Motorola are still holding to a Q1 release of the XOOM. DigiTime's story also notes the intention of HTC to launch the Flyer ahead of the release of RIM's BlackBery PlayBook in March.

The HTC Flyer, said to resemble an enlarged HTC Desire smartphone, is expected to be available in other markets during the second quarter of 2011.

source: DigiTimes



1. Kevin unregistered

I have a feeling this is Sprint's surprise on Feb 7. The HTC Evo was too much of a hit for Sprint. It would be stupid to even pass up anything HTC would have to offer.

2. Dave12 unregistered

Does every company have to come up with multiple tablets now? This is getting as ridiculous as android phones. Every company wants a piece. There are so many different ones and their life span is less than a year, being outdated in no time, leaving extremely low resale value. Not to mention the terrible build quality while packing high end specs into them with glitchy software.

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