HTC prepping phone cleaner Boost+ to pump up the performance of your Android phone and extend battery life

HTC prepping phone cleaner Boost+ to pump up the performance of your Android phone?
There are a ton of free apps in the Google Play Store from third-party developers that promise to clean out the inside of your phone from all of the things that slow it down, shorten your battery life, and basically make your handset the lagging, frustrating device that it has turned into. And while the Android OS can usually take of such problems on its own, a handset manufacturer is getting into this space.

HTC is currently prepping a phone cleaner called Boost+ that is being tested via the company's preview program. Available for both HTC branded and non-HTC branded Android phones, Boost+ handles all of the usual suspects involved in the slowing of a phone's performance. That means cleaning the cache and RAM. Apps can be locked, although we should point out that HTC is trying to monetize Boost+ by selling ads for the lock screen.

Most of these cleaners actually work in reverse. Boost + recommends that nearly every app running in the background be closed to preserve battery life. But if you are constantly using one of these apps, the constant cycle of closing and opening heavily used apps will actually kill your battery instead of saving it. Besides, Doze on Android 6.0 handles apps running in the background by closing these apps once your phone has been inactive.

And that is a perfect example of what we mean about Android taking care of these issues on its own. Still, if it gives you a psychological boost to believe that an app you just downloaded is improving your battery life and making your phone run faster, what is the harm (except to your mental health)?

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Since Boost+ is being tested, you will have to wait for a public beta or the launch of the app. That is, if it ever comes to that. Meanwhile, screenshots of Boost+ can be viewed by clicking on the slideshow below.

source: AndroidPolice

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