HTC applies for “Fetch” trademark in Taiwan, perhaps a new tracking and locator technology

HTC applies for “Fetch” trademark in Taiwan, perhaps a new tracking and locator technology
Filed with Taiwan’s NCC, HTC may be preparing its own branded device locator and recovery tool called “Fetch.” Based on the summary which lacks significant detail, it may also be something which allows people to find each other as well.

It is meant to track and assist in “locating mobile phones, smartphones, …and personal digital assistants…for communicating, recording, organizing, transmitting…for assisting users in tracking and locating people and objects.”

So this could be a part “find my phone” and a part “airdrop” type of idea in development. Beyond that though there is no detail to indicate what HTC might have in mind with HTC Fetch. A bunch of city attorneys and law enforcement representatives met this past week with manufacturers to discuss (demand) what OEMs might do to assist with abating the surge in thefts of smartphones in cities across the US.

There could also be a social component to this idea as well, or it could be a fancy way to dress up collection of information to be gathered for surveillance purposes (we kid, we kid). As it is, we will just have to wait and see what HTC has up its sleeve. Hopefully the company has some new found rigor given the success of the HTC One and we will be wowed.

sources: Justia Trademarks via Engadget


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