HTC antagonizes Samsung and Apple in the U.K.

HTC antagonizes Samsung and Apple in the U.K.
Well, well, well. You have to give HTC's staff in the U.K. some points for taking shots at two of the OEM's rivals. The shots were taken on the HTC U.K. Facebook page last week, just before Christmas. The actual quote is based on a glowing review of the HTC One by Esquire magazine. But the staff running the HTC U.K. social networking site decided to throw in a couple of  comments aimed at Samsung and Apple, in parenthesis.

No doubt that the HTC One was the early rival to the Samsung Galaxy S4. While the latter sold 10 million units in its first month, HTC's flagship device was rumored to sell 5 million in its first month, despite an issue with supply.

Since then, both models have seen sales drop off and HTC added both the HTC One mini and the phablet-sized HTC One max. Samsung, for its part, added a few variations to the Galaxy S4 including a rugged model, and a camera-centric version. As for Apple, the Apple iPhone 5s became another phone standing in the HTC One's way when launched in September. We should point out that we happen to agree with Esquire (and ironically, HTC U.K., since it seemed to fear the iPhone 5s design the most) as the two phones that we picked as having the best design for 2013 were the HTC One and the Apple iPhone 5s.

Both HTC and Samsung are said to be working on sequels to their respective flagship models with the HTC One 2 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 respectively. And while both models will no doubt battle for supremacy of the smartphone world along with Apple's next offering, HTC U.K. is happy now to get its two rivals stirred up. What is that phrase about letting sleeping dogs lie?

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source: HTCU.K.

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