HTC Touch Diamond2 is now also in the Android game as well

HTC Touch Diamond2 is now also in the Android game as well
From the looks of it, the biggest craze to sweep Android land is for hackers to get the platform loaded and working on hardware that traditionally runs Windows Mobile. Even up until now, we've seen a group of people converge together in getting the HTC HD2 running a version of Android to keep it somewhat in line with the HTC EVO 4G. Now you can add the HTC Touch Diamond2 to the list of Windows Mobile phones that can run the open platform. One person has managed to successfully port Android 2.1 running on the over a year old hardware with the HTC Touch Diamond2 – with some functionality aboard to prove its credibility. For something that's not necessarily packing the most cutting edge hardware, the handset is running handsomely when executing basic functions – although it may be sluggish in the graphics department. Still, some of the core apps function work perfectly on the handset – like making phone calls, web browsing, and checking out the Android Market. So you can never count out a decent Windows Mobile device because you'll never know what kind of crazy hacks people can do in their spare time

HTC Touch Diamond2 Specifications | Review

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