HTC ThunderBolt to arrive on March 17, first Verizon handset to support voice and data at the same time

HTC ThunderBolt to arrive on March 17, first Verizon handset to support voice and data at the same time
All indications point to the fact that the HTC ThunderBolt is nearing release, and now we have more evidence March 17 is the D-Day of this much anticipated handset.

This is because the online retailer Wirefly is offering the HTC ThunderBolt for pre-order with a targeted shipping date of March 17.

Also, it confirms this will be both the first Verizon handset to support voice and data at the same time and the first LTE phone in the US.

Regrettably, it's said that Skype is not included, which automatically means no video calls with this program for the time being. Whether you will be able to install the voice-only version is a question open to debate - hopefully, we will find out for sure in two days time.

source: Wirefly

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  • Display 4.3 inches
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  • Camera 8 MP (Single camera)
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  • Hardware Qualcomm Snapdragon S2, 0.75GB RAM
  • Storage 8GB, microSDHC
  • Battery 1400 mAh
  • OS Android 4.0



5. alexxxS unregistered

why does it say its the first Lte phone in the usa? when metro pcs was the first to take out an Lte phone the samsung craft? also can anyone please explain to me why is it that over here in the us we always need all kind of apps like skype, fring or tango to make videocalls? i was in morelia michoacan mexico 3 weeks ago and i walked into a telcel store and they had 2 nokia n8s .. wonder why they got it? and not us.. weird... anyways i asked the lady there 2 show me how video calling works between the two nokia n8s and she didnt have to use skype, fring or tango all she did was dial the number and it the bottom it said options and it said "videollamada" or "llamada de voz" which means videocall or voice call so she clicked video calls and the other phone started ringing and she answered and she was makin a video call between the 2 nokia n8s without using an app so i wanna know why cant it be like this over here ? why do we need all kinds of apps to make video calls why cudnt it be like mexico that u just dial the number and click the video call option?

3. Ralston1983

Posts: 71; Member since: Feb 03, 2011

Sorry I meant Thursday

2. Ralston1983

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Well its even more official, vzw tweeted that today is the day.

1. in the know unregistered

Verizon dragging their feet on the Thunderbolt lauch because of the excess of Phone inventory sitting in ther Distribution Centers....financially they wanted to move as many iPhones as possible for fear their first 4G device would hamper sales. Also there was a huge delay in the "Technical Approval" proecess because of iPhone as well. VZW is nortotious for it's product testing. Generally devices are subject to a 10-16 week lab testing approval process... on the longer end of the timeline for Smartphones. The problem again, lies with Apple. VZW requested the iPhone 4 be brought into their labs well before x-mass for testing. Apple flat out refused....claiming the need to keep their devices "secret" untill the last possible moment before launch. Fear of "spy shots"....leaking of sensitive tech specs...etc.. As we all know, Apple counts on mystery and secrecy in order to generate "hype" and in turn, demand for their products...they are masters at it. AT&T is all too familiar with this as they only had a few weeks to test their variant and relied on claims from Apple that the voice capabilities were the same as the iPhone 3. We all know how that turned out with "antenna-gate" VZW only had the iPhone 4 "in lab" for 6 weeks prior to launch. Mangement was concerned with a possible "antenna-gate" issue of their own and ordered all lab resources be devoted strictly to the iPhone prior to launch.....especially their "Drive testers" who "drive" the network with a device in order to determine reliabilty, functionality, network drain.....etc. This had a "ripple effect" on the Thunderolt. AS I was told....."the 300+ test units sat in a closet for 7 weeks gathering dust". Not sure if the "3G to 4G" issue was missed or known about all along, but it certainly would have been addressed long ago if it were not for Apple and their "self absorbed" demands. The original Feb. 14th launch date was based on the date VZW got the Thunderbolt for's been delayed ever since. Now the good news is the Thundebolt is at PCD's (HTC's distibutor in the USA) warehouse being flashed with the latest software update to address the issue. You may have read about "conditional approval" in another posting. It's actually considered "Technical Approval"or TA...meaning the product folks at VZW have given the device their blessing allowing it to be used on the network. The "conditional" part was the new flash requirement. Word on the street is it may hit by 3/17, worse case end of month. I'll be in Orlando at CTIA in 2 weeks and be surprised if it's not launched by then. Again, VZW execs were't rushing to get the TA process complete because of all the iPhone inventory in stock and was hoping they could move more of it with the lack of a 4G capable smartphone on their shelves.

4. taco50

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You need help. If you get layed it may help you get over your Apple obsession.

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