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HTC Radar 4G appears on Microsoft's website looking like a Maitre d'

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HTC Radar 4G appears on Microsoft's website looking like a Maitre d'
The HTC Radar 4G is available from T-Mobile. Unlike most smartphones that are released these days, the device was originally launched in white, looking like it was dropped in some snow. That is what makes the picture of the phone found on Microsoft's website so interesting. The variant shown in the image on the Microsoft site has the same white border but the outer part of the device is black. The two-tone look gives the phone the appearance of a Maitre d' wearing a tuxedo.

We are not sure if HTC plans on issuing a version of the handset looking like this, or if it was just done for the website. We must admit to digging the look, even if it seems formal. In fact, this might be the first Windows Phone handset that gets invited to a Black Tie affair.

By the way, while the Microsoft website is offering the HTC Radar 4G free with a $50 mail-in rebate, a $100 trade-in value on your old handset, and a signed two-year contract, T-Mobile's site is offering the device for free with the two year lock up.

source: Microsoft via WMPoweruser

The color scheme on the HTC Radar 4G in this picture, makes it look like the phone is wearing a tuxedo

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