HTC One vs Galaxy S III vs iPhone 5 picture and video samples comparison

HTC One vs Galaxy S III vs iPhone 5 camera samples comparison
HTC One strays away from the "more is better" megapixel mantra hammered in the customer perceptions, providing what it calls an UltraPixel camera, where the separate pixels are 2 microns, compared to the 1.4 micron buckets for light in the Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5.

We snapped a few indoor photos at the MWC expo with the display HTC One unit, and then the same ones with Samsung's and Apple's finest. We won't comment on the quality, as there might still be work to be done on the One before it gets in boxes and onto retail shelves, but you can judge for yourself in the slideshow below.

Overall, the HTC One expo unit here snaps with less blur in the indoor lighting conditions, which can be expected given the larger pixel size and optical image stabilization mechanism inside, but let's wait for the final verdict when we get a retail unit, and we also get to compare it with the Lumia 920, which has smaller pixels, but sports a different OIS tech in its chunky unibody.

What is clearly noticeable right away, however, is that the output files from the HTC One are two to three times smaller than those from the 8 MP cams on the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S III. Take a peek at the original shots and videos from the three devices below - they haven't been resized, so will take some time load.

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