HTC One X is once again in stock through AT&T's web site

HTC One X is once again in stock through AT&T's web site
Just like Sprint, AT&T’s customers found themselves in a snag when the carrier’s very own HTC One X suddenly became out of stock through its online sales portal, which was in part due to the fiasco with the International Trade Commission review a couple weeks back.

Luckily, for those who managed to wait patiently for the whole thing to iron itself out, they’ll be glad to know that the mighty Sense 4.0 trotting smartphone is once again in stock through AT&T’s web site. Meaning, if you have a cool $200 in your pockets and ready to sign your signature on a 2-year contract, you can purchase AT&T’s version of the HTC One X.

Specifically, both the white and gray cladded versions are back in stock and ready for purchase. If the contract route isn’t your cup of tea, you can always fork over a hefty $549.99 out of your pockets to pick it up outright.

Naturally, the timing for its in-stock status couldn’t have been any better, as Samsung is clearly preparing its competitor in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S III, which we know that AT&T will be getting a special one with a red paint job.

source: AT&T via Android Central

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