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HTC One X Review Q&A: Answers

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HTC One X Review Q&A: Answers
When we posted our review of the international version of the HTC One X on Monday, we also gave you the chance to ask your questions about the device - anything that you wanted to know that our review didn't answer. Of course, there have been some really interesting ones, so let's not waste any more time and get right to answering them!

HTC One X Review Q&A: Answers

1. CX3NT3_713

Answer: The HTC One X will come in two versions. The so called international version (available outside the States) has a 1.5GHz quad-core Tegra 3 processor. In the U.S., the One X will be offered by AT&T, and will feature a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor. This is because the AT&T versions will also have LTE, and for the time being it seems LTE and Tegra 3 don't really like each other. In our review, we tested the international version of the phone.

HTC One X Review Q&A: Answers

2. coolguyx10

Answer: The contextual options button present on Android 1.* and 2.* devices is no longer present in Android 4 ICS. There is no problem with app compatibility, because those apps that have such options now have an on-screen key, which grants access to those options.

HTC One X Review Q&A: Answers

3. Milosone

Answer: As far as we understand, you want to be able to stream music from your One X to some kind of external speakers. You should be able to do that with pretty much all Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled speakers on the market. If you are specifically looking for a dock, HTC will be selling a special Media Dock for the One X, which will play music through its own speakers (while charging the phone). However, it's not sure when HTC will begin offering this dock.

HTC One X Review Q&A: Answers

4. ogiveyakuza

Answer: If the Galaxy Note isn't too big for you, we don't see a reason why you should buy a One X. The only substantial thing missing on your device is Ice Cream Sandwich, which will come as an update, sooner or later. We'll consider making a comparison between the two handsets!

HTC One X Review Q&A: Answers

5. KarolR

Answer:  Hey KarolR! There isn't an official way of remapping hardware keys. It is possible if you have a rooted device, although it isn't certain if it'll work with the One X/S. The on-screen camera shutter is very easy to use, though, so it shouldn't cause you any troubles.

HTC One X Review Q&A: Answers

6. gayasarafe

Answer:  The One X user interface runs very smoothly. We haven't encountered any lag when it's operating normally. However, we did experience a few app crashes, which caused the phone to reload some of its UI (causing a short delay), but overall, there's no lag in the One X's UI.

HTC One X Review Q&A: Answers

7. Irad123

Answer:  In our opinion, 32GB are perfectly enough, even if you play a lot of games. We can't tell you if you should buy the One X, or wait for another quad-core phone, because we don't know if the upcoming ones will be better or worse than the One X. We're all waiting for the Galaxy S III to come out, hopefully sooner rather than later, so it might be best if you wait a bit. Still, if you need a quad-core phone like... right now (which would be kind of strange), you have no other choice but to get the One X.

HTC One X Review Q&A: Answers

8. Retro-touch

Answer: If you play the video sample Engadget has uploaded, it's easily visible that it's not running at 30 FPS. It's not that smooth. We will post a comparison between the One S and One X very soon, so stay tuned!

HTC One X Review Q&A: Answers

9. Tomfromsouth

Answer:  Yes, the HTC One X has a notification light hidden in its earpiece grill.

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