HTC Magic moves on to Vodafone UK with May 1st launch announced

HTC Magic moves on to Vodafone UK with May 1st launch announced
Vodafone continues to conquer Europe with the HTC Magic. The world's second Android powered device has been introduced this week in Spain and Germany, and starting May 1st the phone will be available in the UK. Pricing for the Magic is as low as zero with a two year contract costing at least 35 British Pounds per month which is the minimum plan Vodafone offers with the model. With that deal, you would receive free mobile internet, 600 minutes of voice and unlimited text. If you pre-order before May 1st, Vodafone will lower the charge to 30 British Pounds per month. Vodafone is also throwing a 2GB microSD card in the box along with the unit. This is the domino effect that our leaders warned us about during the 1950's Cold War. The only question though, is where will Vodafone take its Magic show next?

HTC Magic Specifications | Hands-on

source: Vodafone UK via MobileBurn


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