HTC Imagio, formerly Whitestone, gets the Verizon touch October 6th?

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HTC Imagio, formerly Whitestone, gets the Verizon touch October 6th?
Verizon is expected to launch a couple of HTC handsets next month. On October 6th, Big Red will release the HTC Imagio, formerly called the Whitestone. The phone will be powered by Windows Mobile 6.5 and offers up some outstanding specs like a 5MP camera with AF and anti-shake, and a 3.6 inch WVGA display. Under the hood is a Qualcomm 528MHz processor and 512MB of ROM/256MB of RAM. And while it is not Snapdragon speed, it is powerful enough to keep your applications running smoothly. Throw in Wi-Fi and TouchFLO 3D to complete the picture and you might be able to Imagio this phone in the palm of your hand. We would love to give you an idea about pricing, but alas, none has been revealed. The HTC Imagio bears a resemblance to another of the Taiwanese manufacturer's candy bar shaped phones with a virtual QWERTY. A hint: it is a gem of a phone.

The same tipster who gave BGR the info on the Imagio also reports that Big Red is expected to launch the Android powered HTC Predator later next month. Not much is known about this handset, but if is going to launch later in October, we're sure that more info will be forthcoming.

HTC Whitestone Preliminary Specifications

source: BGR


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