HTC HD2 surprisingly gets new USB functionality

HTC HD2 surprisingly gets new USB functionality
Granted that the HTC HD2 has been out of the loop, especially when the HTC HD7S is the latest family member to grace the line, it’s surprisingly being blessed with some new USB functionality that owners might find particularly useful.

As we all know, you need a keyboard and mouse to interact with Microsoft’s Windows operating system for PCs, but now you can get the same experience on the aging HTC HD2. In fact, the Dark Forces Team over at xda-developers has been hard at work in bringing forth USB hosting functionality to the handset – plus, instructions are now available to get it working on your device.

Not everything has been fine and dandy during the development process, but nevertheless, their hard work allows the handset to support the Human Interface Devices profile – thus, enabling you to connect a variety of USB peripherals to it. Obviously, you can get a mouse and keyboard to work, but in addition, it has support for USB Mass Storage to supplement its built-in memory.

Indeed, it’s not something new and is more prevalent amongst the tablet scene than the smartphone one, we’re sure that some owners will find it useful. However, the team mentions that the implementation is still experimental and that a self-powered USB hub might be required. Still, it’s nice to know you can get that classic PC feel with Windows Mobile 6.5 on the HTC HD2.

source: xda-developers via WMPoweruser

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