HTC Glacier tops the benchmarks, might be T-Mobile's "Project Emerald"

HTC Glacier tops the benchmarks, might be T-Mobile's "Project Emerald"
The HTC Glacier that was spotted in some internal parts order recently, appeared in the GLBenchmark 1.1 synthetic graphics test database. The Glacier's 1423 result was on par with the graphics performance of the Galaxy S and its US versions, and almost triple the HTC EVO 4G's 516 frames. Still, nothing official about this Glacier device, though.

The dots, however, were connected quickly on this one. As rightfully concluded, such performance can come only from a phone with chipset produced by the 45nm technology. Knowing that Qualcomm has strong ties with HTC, and it's promised single and dual-core 45nm Snapdragon chipsets, it is fairly easy to determine that this is a next-gen Snapdragon device.

Hat tip to the observant author, though, as he googled the uploader of the HTC Glacier benchmark results, and the guy popped up on LinkedIn as a T-Mobile employee. We've already written about the carrier's rumored “Project Emerald”, and the author calculated how these kind of speeds can only be achieved by a dual-core CPU. The final verdict is that the HTC Glacier is a Project Emerald's dual-core Snapdragon HTC device.

The Hummingbird-based Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile, however, achieved a very similar result in that same test, and it is with a single core 45nm CPU, and advanced GPU. Knowing that Qualcomm, too, has a single core 45nm Snapdragon in the pipeline with a new GPU, the HTC Glacier might as well be powered by this one. On top of that let's not forget about the HTC Vision appearing here and there, which is also purported as dual-core, and heading to T-Mobile. What makes the matter even more mysterious is that the HTC Glacier disappeared from the benchmark database site.

We hope this conundrum gets resolved really soon, before we get stuck with a single core smartphone and become the laughing stock of the neighborhood kids.

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source: AlienBabelTech

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