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HTC Endeavor, HTC Ville get christened with official names

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HTC Endeavor, HTC Ville get christened with official names
After a less-than-sterling fourth quarter, HTC is hoping it can start to turn things around with their new smartphone lineup in 2012, which will officially start to get unveiled at MWC. And the two phones that have been getting a lot of rumor-love were code-named the Endeavor and the Ville. The Endeavor had already been rumored to be launching as either the HTC Edge or the HTC Supreme, but it appears that all past names have been flushed in favor of a new branding strategy, the HTC One.

The phablet-sized 4.7” quad-core Endeavor will launch as the HTC OneX, while the dual-core 4.3” Ville will launch as the HTC OneS. And yes, both the “X” and the “S” are reportedly presented as superscript, emphasizing the HTC One brand, while simultaneously making it harder to write an email or blog post about how cool the new phones are.

The above names were confirmed independently by sources for SlashGear and Pocketnow, so it would seem that these names are likely to make it to market. SlashGear also reports that HTC will be announcing one more phone, and a tablet at MWC. Perhaps that third phone will be the mystery Verizon-branded ICS phone we revealed last week?

What do you guys think of the HTC One branding? Home run? Whiff? Somewhere in between? Sound off about it in our comments section.

sources: SlashGear, Pocketnow via Android Central

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