HTC Droid DNA vs Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, LG Nexus 4: size comparison

Now that we've examined the hardware specs of the HTC Droid DNA and compared it to that of the competition, it is time to take a look at a bit more basic of a feature - the device's size. Just how big is the new Droid smartphone exactly and how does it compare to other high-end Androids?

Well, the answer is visualized below. It is clear that the DNA isn't exactly a surprisingly thin device. At 9.73 millimeters, it is okay, but it is also the thickest among the bunch of smartphones we are comparing it to below, namely the Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III, and LG Nexus 4. 

Its weight, however, is more than acceptable as the HTC Droid DNA tips the scale at 138 grams. In comparison, the Nexus 4 is a gram heavier, while the Galaxy S III is a tad lighter at 133 grams. The Galaxy Note II is considerably heavier as it weighs 182 grams. For tons of further information, check out our HTC Droid DNA hands-on.

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