HTC DROID ERIS also receiving a software update starting today

HTC DROID ERIS also receiving a software update starting today
If you own a HTC DROID ERIS, you might be feeling left out in the cold since the Motorola DROID started to receive its software update on Monday. We have now received word that starting today a new software (ROM: 1.16.605.1, Radio: for the HTC DROID ERIS will begin deployment through OTA and will hit groups of phones until all them then are all updated in about a week. The PDF file posted to Verizon's support page shows the following improvements:
*While on a call and the device is in screensaver mode, pressing the End key now takes the device out of screensaver mode, and a second press will end the call.
*On-call mute and speakerphone icon functionality is enhanced.
*Upgraded functionality after activation eliminates the delay users were experiencing in receiving their first call.
*Device now switches effectively from 1x mode to 3G.
*Device no longer requires users to reselect a default email after power-cycling.
*SMS and MMS messaging delivery is improved.
*Eighty-character MMS/SMS message subject lines are now allowed.
*Improved picture messaging functionality allows messages from LG phones to be opened.

Let us know in the comment section below if your HTC DROID ERIS receives the update and if you notice any changes.

HTC DROID ERIS Review | Specifications

source: Verizon Wireless



3. vnewton09

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Why doesn't this update say anything about BATTERY LIFE??? LoL

2. jami_rs

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1. hawk62

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Phone arena wants comments after someone upgrades. By the time anyone gets the upgrade and sees if there an improvement, this story will be so far down the list no one will see the responses. Well hopefully the wifes phone gets the update quickly

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