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HP Pre3 stars in a 21-minute French video exploration

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HP Pre3 stars in a 21-minute French video exploration
For some unknown reason (we are sure there is one, but are too lazy to look for it), France is often the source of webOS devices leaks, and also where webOS devices often launch before they have landed in the US.

The latest video, starring the upcoming HP Pre3 is no exception to the rule - 21 minutes of preview in the French language show every nook and cranny of the upcoming HP phone.

The cute webOS handset is getting a full unboxing treatment down below, and the 1.4Ghz processor is obviously not even feeling the Palm-created operating system, as the interface just flies around.

This leaked epic video coincides with the rumors that the launch of the HP Pre3 is imminent this summer... in Europe. As for the US, the cards are pointing out fall launch, just don't expect the HP Pre3 on Sprint. Enjoy the video below, before HP has pulled it out.

via WebOSroundup

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